People of Gondor





Individuals of Note:


Royalty of Gondor:

Ondoher, son of Calimehtar, King of Gondor†
Artamir, son of Ondoher, Prince of Gondor†
Faramir, son of Ondoher, Prince of Gondor†
Firiel, daughter of Ondoher, Princess of Gondor†

Nobility of Gondor:

Adrahil, Prince of Dor-en-Ernil
Anheledir, Lord of Lossanarch
Beregond, Lord of Anfalas
Hurin, Lord of Lamedon
Mirador, Lord of Ringlo Vale
Pelendur, Steward of Gondor
Techeron, Lord of the Pinnath Gelin
Valendil of Morthond Vale

Military Leaders:

Atanalcar, Lord Defender of Tharbad
Cairadan, Captain of Ships
Eärnil, General of the Southern Army†
Malenfang, Captain of the Garrison at Aglarond
Naethmunn, Captain of the Garrison at Angrenost, General of the Western Garrisons

Foreign Interests:

Al-Marial the Magnificent
Ard Once-Vain, Pirate King of Umbar
Celendil, Ambassador of Arnor

† – Indicates an individual known (or who claims) to be of the Line of Anarion


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