Urthel Erhendion

Captain of Arnor, Warden of the Northern March


Race: Man (Dúnadan)
Racial Abilities: Adaptable, Dominion of Man, Skilled
Attributes: Bearing 8 (1), Nimbleness 9 (1), Perception 8 (1), Strength 9 (1), Vitality 11 (+2), Wits 8 (+1)
Reactions: Stamina: +3, Swiftness: +3*, Willpower: +3, Wisdom: +2
Orders: Captain, Warrior
Order Abilities: Air of Command, Battle-Hardened, Fires of Devotion, Hero’s Strength, Leadership, Warrior-born
Advancements: 18
Skills: Armed Combat: Blades (Longsword) +8, Craft: Weaponsmithing +4, Healing (Treat Wounds) +5, Inspire +10, Intimidate +8, Language: Sindarin +3, Language: Westron (Common) +4, Lore: History (Warfare) +4, Lore: Masonry (Stonework) +3, Lore: Race (Men) +3, Lore: Realm (Arnor) +3, Lore: Weapons +5, Observe (Hearing) +7, Ranged Combat: Bows (Longbow) +3, Ride (Horse) +2, Run +4, Siegecraft (Defence) +8
Edges: Command 2, Fell-Handed (Hill-men of Rhudaur), Keen-Eared, Rank 2, Wary
Flaws: Duty (Protect Arnor), Fealty (King Araphant)
Health: 12
Courage: 7
Renown: 5
Gear: Armor, horse, sword, and military supplies or resources he might need in a pinch.
*: Favored Attribute or Reaction


A tactiturn and gruff veteran of many battles against the Enemy, including one in which he lost his left eye, Captain Urthel is one of the Kingdom’s most experienced military leaders. Though the troops under his actual command number barely a thousand, most of the warriors serving the King know of his honor and bravery, and would flock to his standard without question if he were to sound the alarm against attack. His command is based in the fortress of Ost Galumar, guarding the western edges of the Nan Amlug and the bridge between Kingsfell and Annundir.

Urthel Erhendion

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