Celegduin of the House Celevirdain

Craftswoman, Quartermaster, Soldier, and Diplomat


Race: Man (Dúnadan)
Racial Abilities: Adaptable, Dominion of Man, Skilled
Attributes: Bearing 5 (0)*, Nimbleness 12 (3), Perception 12 (3)*, Strength 12 (3), Vitality 5 (0), Wits 12 (3)
Reactions: Stamina: +3, Swiftness: +3, Willpower: +6, Wisdom: +3*
Orders: Craftsman
Order Abilities: Speedywork (Leatherworking)
Advancements: 8
Skills: Appraise (Armor, Weapons) +3, Armed Combat: Blades (Longsword) +9, Climb +1, Craft: Leatherworking +4, Craft: Woodworking +4, Debate (Bargain) +1, Language: Adunaic +3, Language: Rhudauric +3, Language: Sindarin +7, Language: Westron (Common) +7, Lore: Leatherworking +1, Lore: Nobility (Arnor) +4, Lore: Smithcraft (Armor, Weapons) +3, Lore: Tradeguilds (Arnor) +5, Lore: Woodworking +1, Observe (Hear, Spot) +5, Persuade (Charm) +4, Ranged Combat: Bows (Longbow) +5, Ride (Horse) +2, Run +1, Smithcraft (Armorsmith, Weaponsmith) +4, Logistics (Company) +6, Survival +1
Edges: Craftmaster, Dodge, Strong-Willed, Warwise
Flaws: Duty, Fealty
Health: 7
Courage: 4
Renown: 4
*: Favored Attribute or Reaction


Daughter of a long line of craftsmen and silversmiths, Celegduin opted instead to use her talents directly in the service of her people. For a time, she served as one of the quartermasters of the Wardens of the Emyn Waeren, under the direct command of Prince Arvedui.

Following a chance discovery, she was one of a small group sent east to Imladris to discover the meaning behind new arms being used by goblin raiders. That expedition led to another, longer journey: south to Gondor, where her group, now Ambassadors of King Araphant, sought to renew with King Ondoher the ties of the ancient Alliance between the Realms in Exile. While in Minas Anor, Celegduin was instrumental in securing the assistance and goodwill of the trade guilds of Gondor, and during a foray into Harondor (South Gondor), displayed remarkable insight and awareness in the presence of the Pirate King of Umbar, Ard Once Vain.

Upon their successful return, the small group was given a new assignment, and Celegduin became the Chief Quartermaster for the newly-formed Guardians of the Green, the Tirir i-Galen. When Liathan and others were recalled to handle a matter of some delicacy for the Prince, she took over command of the new Company, leading its successful foray into Angmar.

Starting in late 1940 T.A., Celegduin has served as part of the Arnorian Embassy to Gondor, in Minas Anor. When Ondoher and his sons fell in battle against the Wainriders, it was Celegduin who hastened to bring word back to Princess Firiel in Fornost.

Celegduin of the House Celevirdain

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