Years of the Trees

The Years of the Trees actually continue into First Age of the Children of Ilúvatar, until the Rising of the Sun. Some dates may be estimated, due to difficulties in determining specifics.

The Tale of Years

The Years of the Trees

3501. A new tally of years is begun with Year of the Trees 1.

Aulë the Smith makes the Dwarves but is not allowed to awaken them; Yavanna thinks of the Ents in response.

4500. The Valar hold council to discuss the concerns of Oromë and Yavanna regarding Middle-earth and the impending arrival of the Eruhíni, or Children of Ilúvatar.

Varda begins gathering light from the Trees of the Valar for the Great Stars.

Varda sets the Menelmacar and other constellations in the sky.

4550. Varda finishes her work on the Great Stars, setting the Sickle of the Valar in the north as a challenge to Melkor.

First Age

During the Years of the Trees the First Age of the Children of Ilúvatar begins, at the Awakening of the Elves.

4550. Eru Ilúvatar awakens the Elves.

Melian the Maia departs for Middle-earth.

4580. Melkor discovers and begins capturing Elves in secret.

Melkor begins breeding the Orcs from captured Elves, and the Trolls

4585. Oromë first learns of the Elves

4586. Oromë returns to Valinor, informs the other Valar of the dangers faced by the Elves, and then returns immediately to Cuiviénen.

4590. The Valar march to war against Melkor on behalf of the Elves.

4592. The Valar lay siege to Utumno.

Melian begins dwelling in Nan Elmoth and caring for the living things that have been awakened in Beleriand.

4599. Melkor is captured and Utumno destroyed. Sauron escapes capture and remains in Angband, breeding Orcs and Trolls for Melkor.

4600. Melkor is taken to Valinor in chains and sentenced to serve a term in the Halls of Mandos for three Ages.

4601. The Valar decide to summon the Elves to dwell with them in Aman.

4602. Oromë brings three ambassadors of the Elves to Aman: Ingwë of the Vanyar, Finwë of the Noldor, and Elwë of the Teleri

4604. The three ambassadors return and work to convince the Elves to accept the summons of the Valar. They accumulate many followers.

4605. Great Journey of the Elves: The Elves depart for Aman (not all answer the summon—see Sundering of the Elves)

4615. The Elves reach the great river which would later be called Anduin.

A group of Teleri under Lenwë (or Dan) abandon the March at Anduin and become the Nandor

Fathers of the Dwarves and first Ents awakened by Eru Ilúvatar; Elves discover the Ents and begin teaching them language.

4625. The Vanyar and Noldor arrive in Beleriand.

4628. The Teleri arrive in Beleriand after tarrying in the great forests of Eriador.

4630. Elwë meets Melian and is entranced.

4632. Ulmo is unwilling to wait until Elwë is found, and the Vanyar and Noldor are ferried across on the island of Tol Eressëa, while the Teleri stay behind, looking for their lord.

4633. The Vanyar and Noldor settle in Eldamar and begin building Tirion

4640. Tirion is finished, Mindon Eldaliéva is built.

Ingwë and many of the Vanyar leave Tirion to dwell with Manwë in Valinor.

4642. Yavanna gives the White Tree, Galathilion, to the Noldor.

4649. Ulmo finally returns for the Teleri, but many stay behind because Elwë is not yet found, and become the Sindar. Another group remains behind at the request of Ossë, and together with those who came too late they become the Elves of the Falas under Círdan.

4651. The majority of the Teleri are ferried across on Tol Eressëa, which is anchored in the Bay of Eldamar. They take Elwë’s brother, Olwë, as lord.

4652. Elwë awakes from slumber and reunites with the Sindar. He becomes known as Thingol, settling in Doriath.

4661. The Teleri of Tol Eressëa learn the art of shipbuilding, and ferry across the bay of Eldamar to Aman, where they found the city of Alqualondë.

4665. The last Vanyar abandon Tirion and settle in Valinor proper. The Noldor remain in Tirion under their lord, Finwë.

4669. Birth of Fëanor. Rúmil invents writing.

Death of Míriel.

Nogrod and Belegost founded by Dwarves; Khazad-dûm founded by Durin the Deathless.

4690. Fingolfin born

c.4700. Lúthien born

4730. Finarfin born

4750. Dwarves of Nogrod and Belegost are met by the Sindar, establishing trade. Fëanor develops the Tengwar.

Daeron devises the Cirth.

c.4780. Orcs begin to appear in Beleriand.

4850. The Nandor, under Denethor, arrive in Beleriand, becoming known as the Green Elves of Ossiriand. The Halls of Menegroth finished.

4863. Galadriel born.

4900. Melkor, freed from his sentence, begins corrupting some of the Noldor.

4950. Fëanor completes the forging of the Silmarils.

4990. Fëanor, deceived by Melkor, draws arms against his brother and is banished from Tirion: his father, Finwë, and many of the Noldor follow him in exile to Formenos.

4992. Fëanor argues with Melkor at Formenos. Melkor hides from capture by the Valar and joins forces with Ungoliant.

4995. The Darkening of Valinor. Manwë tries to heal the feud of the Noldor, and summons Fëanor to a festival in Valimar. Melkor and Ungoliant destroy the Two Trees, kill Finwë and steal the Silmarils. Fëanor and his sons swear an oath to regain the Silmarils and the majority of the Noldor depart from Valinor; Noldor kill many Teleri and seize their ships in the First Kinslaying.

4996. Prophecy of Mandos: the Noldor are banished from Valinor and face great doom.

4997. Melkor returns to Angband, and tries to take Beleriand: First Battle of Beleriand is fought; Denethor of the Green-elves slain and the Havens of the Falas are besieged. The Noldor arrive at Helcaraxë; Fëanor and his host betray the sons of Indis and sail across, then burn the ships. Return of the Noldor to Middle-earth. Morgoth’s army attacks Fëanor. Dagor-nuin-Giliath (“the Battle under Stars”) is fought. Fëanor is slain by Balrogs in sight of Angband. Maedhros taken captive.

The Valar hide Valinor behind the Enchanted Isles and raise the Pelóri mountains to greater heights; they begin devising the Moon and Sun.

5000. The remainder of the Noldor arrives in Middle-earth; the Moon arises. Soon after begin the Ages of the Sun

Years of the Trees

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