Short for an elf, and surprisingly spirited, she travels the lands with a group of heroes to battle the Shadow and to learn of people's other than her own.


Name: Sairin

Race: Elf – Sindarin

Racial Abilities: Observe Sense Power, +2 Perform (Music), +2 to all magic related talents, Far Sighted, Ghost Scorn, +4 to run and stealth, +4 to persuade checks.

Attributes: [F] Bearing 12 (3), Nimbleness 12 (3), [F]Perception 12 (3), [F] Strength 10(2), Vitality 10 (2), Wits 11 (2)

Reactions: Stamina: 2, Swiftness: 2, [F] Willpower: 5, Wisdom: 3


Orders: Loremaster 13
Order Abilities: Spellcasting (x2) 4 spells in library

Edges: *Swift Recovery, Curious, Strong Willed (x1), Quick Draw, Fair
Fear of Fire (untamed fires, forest fires, cold fire)
Advancements: 13

*Skills: *Acrobatics 2, Appraise 2, Armed Combat – Longsword 13, Conceal 3, Craft (Metal) 5, Debate 4, Games 3, Healing 6, Insight 9, Legerdemain 4, Observe (Spot) 10/12, Perform (Music) 5, Persuade 8, Ranged Combat (Longbow) 17, Ride 6, Search 5, Run 6, Stealth 13, Survival 3, Tame 4, Teamster 4, Track 11, Weather Sense 4
LORE: Warfare 7, Elves 5, Middle Earth(Realm) 5, Herbalism 8, Shadow 16
Language Skills: Black Spch 5, Westron 7, Sindar 7, Hobbit 4

Spells:Beast-Summon (Elf), Beast-Speak (Elf), Cloak of Shadow, Hide’s Virtue, Far Speaking, Far Seeing

Health: 12
Courage: 3
Renown: 2
Gear: *Longsword 2d6+5, Pillinel (Star Arrow) 2d6+3, Small Shield
*Companion Animals
– Orwaniel and Orien (Eagles)
Mallahin – (Wolf)
Tuilineth – (Elven Horse) Def: 10 HP: 13
Armed Combat: Natural Weapons (Bite, Kick) +3, Jump +7, Observe (Spot) +4, Run +9, Survival (Plains) +4 Natural Weapons (bite 1d6/kick 2d6)
[F] : Favored Attribute or Reaction


Sairin was born in Northern Mirkwood. Her family’s responsibility in this region were to guard and watch over the surrounding mountainous forests along the North sections of the Misty Mountains.

An obedient and dutiful daughter, she studied and voraciously read any material brought to her as well as listened during lessons.

Constant incursions from either Dwarves or Easterlings kept her family busy trying to keep the forests safe, until one day…they failed. When Sairin was only 250 years old, her squadron (consisting of her father and uncle’s) began a battle with a foreign people. Some told her later that it was Easterlings, but honestly, the only thing she ever saw was smoke. It could have been a random thunderbolt striking land that particular night, as it had been storming, but it matters little what caused when you look at the scope of what was done.

The river valley’s were far and gone, and there was no rain to be had now during their time of need. Two rather large trees collapsed inwardly, leaving smoke and debris everywhere. Finally, the third tree fell, crushing her father and burning, locking them in. Without even thinking of the trees size or the fact it was on fire, Sairin had rushed to push the tree off her father. It scalded her hands, and tore off layers of her flesh while still leaving the imprint of the bark from where her hands had tried to push it away. Her two uncle’s, far larger than she picked her up as she flailed wildly. She sobbed even as they summoned what little wind they could to throw her up and over the flaming pieces of wood and were trapped themselves, on the other side.

The clan’s magician’s had summoned the water in the valley and now were working to channel it up. The Dwarves had come out of their place in the mountain to add what reserves they had. The fire, raged not long after. But Sairin did not care, it had done the damage it wanted. It seemed that it targeted only her clan and family with the losses, after it was all said and done. There were many who thought it was deserved, due to their supposed ‘failing’ that there was ever a fire in the first place. Sairin’s wounds did not heal, not completely at any rate.

Elrond received word from the leader of the Mirkwood elves. He suggested that the young elf woman be brought and allowed to study in Rivendell instead. His condition about her hands had his curiosity up and frankly, Sairin was horribly picked on and chastised in the northern woods as well. She received very little sympathy from those who had once called her kin.
It is believed by some, that for the scars to go away on Sairin’s hands, her heart must heal first; allowing her spirit to finally heal whole.

She blames herself for that day and carries around with her a shame that is not hers. The travel with her companions as well as her being given a new purpose will help her to shine.

“The darkness stirs and the Elves must not stand-bye and miss its coming. To her, she is given a greater duty, one that far surpasses anyone in her home lands; observing our peace and preserving our posterity. Be my eyes and ears, child. Be what I can not openly be. Remind the world of us, so that we are not forgotten. Go now, join the coalition of men who bravely face what surprises await this Age and show it that those who live in this Age are unafraid.”

Sairin couldn’t really place or understand the words said to her by Elrond that day. He had certainly become like a father to her in the 250 years she spent with him. She thinks about time sometimes, given that she is 500 years old and traveling with mortal men. Long lived, but still mortal. She does find some comfort and solace in that her knowledge is of help to them and that she is helping the flow of the Ages. The darkness must not be allowed to run amok, and under her watch, hopefully, it will not.


The Last King Sairin