Nienor Baradwen

Lady of the Tower, Noblewoman of Arnor


Race: Man (Dúnadan)
Racial Abilities: Adaptable, Dominion of Man, Skilled
Attributes: Bearing 13 (3)*, Nimbleness 7 (0), Perception 9 (1), Strength 4 (0), Vitality 7 (0), Wits 13 (3)
Reactions: Stamina: +0, Swiftness: +1, Willpower: +3, Wisdom: +3*
Orders: Noble, Loremaster
Order Abilities: Ancient Scripts, Domain, Spellcasting 4
Advancements: 10
Spells: Animal Messenger, Burning Sparks, Command, Guarding-spell, Holding-spell, Misdirection, Sense Power, Shatter
Skills: Armed Combat: Blades (Daggers) +1, Craft: Sewing +4, Debate (Negotiation) +2, Inquire +2, Inspire +2, Intimidate: +2, Language: Quenya +3, Language: Sindarin +6, Language: Westron (Common) +5, Lore: Devices of the Enemy +5, Lore: Herbs +6, Lore: History (Magic) +5, Lore: Items of Power +5, Lore: Race (Men) +5, Lore: Realm (Arnor) +5, Observe (Hearing) +4, Persuade (Charm) +5, Ranged Combat: Bows (Shortbows) +1, Run +1
Edges: Eloquent, Fair, Honey-Tongued 4, Rank 2, Strong-willed
Flaws: Arrogant
Health: 7
Courage: 5
Renown: 6
Gear: Fine clothing, dagger, additional belongings within her holdings at Tham Ornen.
*: Favored Attribute or Reaction


Charming and gracious, Lady Nienor was at one point considered by some to be a prime candidate for marriage to Prince Arvedui. Though the Prince instead married the Princess of Gondor, Lady Nienor has never seemed dismayed or upset by this. During the attack on Aelinnost Herynnen, she risked her life to stand between the Queen and her assailants, and was badly wounded.

She is intelligent and thorough, and often seems to know of, or guess at, news before others of the Court receive word. Her hall at Tham Ornen sits above the waters of Lake Evendim on the eastern shore somewhat north of the Queen’s state, but her holdings do not extend far beyond the hall and its tower, and do not include the nearby fortress of Ost Forod.

Nienor Baradwen

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