Steward of King Araphant


Race: Man (Dúnadan)
Racial Abilities: Adaptable, Dominion of Man, Skilled
Attributes: Bearing 12 (3), Nimbleness 9 (1), Perception 7 (0), Strength 7 (0), Vitality 8 (1), Wits 10 (2)
Reactions: Stamina: +1, Swiftness: +3*, Willpower: +3, Wisdom: +3
Orders: Minstrel
Order Abilities: Gladden, Inspiring Performance, Voice of Power
Advancements: 7
Skills: Armed Combat: Blades (Longsword) +1, Craft: Tailoring (Leatherworking) +5, Debate (Negotiate) +7, Games (Chess) +6, Inquire (Conversation) +1, Inspire +6, Language: Quenya +2, Language: Sindarin +4, Language: Westron (Common) +4, Legedermain +1, Lore: Folk Remedies +3, Lore: History (Arnor) +6, Lore: Lays & Poetry +5, Lore: Race (Men) +4, Lore: Realm (Arnor) +4, Mimicry (Voices) +2, Observe (Spot) +6, Perform (Tell Stories) +6, Persuade (Oratory) +6, Ride (Horse) +2, Stealth +2
Edges: Honey-Tongued, Rank
Flaws: Fealty (King Araphant)
Health: 8
Courage: 4
Renown: 2
Gear: Clothing, longsword, scrollcases, traveling kit.
*: Favored Attribute or Reaction


A young man of only 26, Marach is the scion of the House of the Stewards, extending back to before the breakup of Arnor when King Earendur died. Loyal, friendly, honest, and dedicated, Marach is easy to get along with – so long as you don’t endanger the King. Marach served as the King’s batman before he inherited his position from his father, Mablung, who was killed when thrown from his horse. Responsible in many ways for the day-to-day operation of Fornost, he is so far bearing up well under his responsibilities.


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