Gandalf the Grey

The Grey Pilgrim


Race: From across the Sea
Racial Abilities: Agelessness
Attributes: Bearing 16 (5)*, Nimbleness 10 (2), Perception 14 (4), Strength 10 (2), Vitality 10 (2), Wits 16 (5)
Reactions: Stamina: +4, Swiftness: +4, Willpower: +8*, Wisdom: +7
Orders: Magician, Wizard
Order Abilities: Dwimmer-crafty (Fiery Missile, Kindle Fire), Final Strike, Imposing, Mastery of Magic, Sense Power, Spellcasting 15, Spell specialty (Fire), Staff, Staff of Power, Wizard’s Heart, Wizardly Power
Advancements: 66
Spells: Animal Messenger, Beast Speech, Blinding Flash, Break Binding, Burning Sparks, Create Light (60-foot radius), Display of Power, Enhance Food, Evoke Awe (no gestures, incantations), Fiery Missile, Finding and Returning, Fireshaping, Flame of Anor, guarding-spell, Imitation-spell, Ithildin-fire, Kindle Fire (range, multiple objects), Lightning, Mind-speech (ability), Naming, Opening-spell, Quench Fire, Resist Fear, Shatter, Shutting-spell, Smoke-weaving, Spellbinding (multiple targets), Spoken Thoughts (ability), Sundering, Transformation, Veil, Voice of Command, Watershaping, Wizard’s Hand, Word of Command
Skills: Armed Combat: Blades +7, Armed Combat: Clubs +7, Craft: Fireworks +7, Debate (Negotiate) +10, Healing (Treat Illness) +5, Inquire (Converse) +6, insight +10, Inspire +12, Intimidate (Power) +15, Language: Adúnaic +4, Language: Orkish +4, Language: Quenya +6, Language: Silvan +6, Language: Sindarin +6, Language: Wargs +4, Language: Westron (Common) +6, Lore: Realm (Arnor, Eriador, Gondor, Wilderland) +6, Lore: History (Dwarves, Elves, Hibbits, Men) +10, Lore: Magic +12, Lore: Moria +4, Lore: Rings of Power +6, Observe (Spot) +8, Persuade (Oratory) +10, Ranged Combat: thrown Weapons +5, Ride (Horse) +6, Search +5, Survival (Forests, Plains, Mountains) +6, Teamster (carts) +3, Weather-Sense +4
Edges: Allies 10 (Elrond, Galadriel, and others of the Wise and powerful), Armour of Heroes, Charmed Life, Curious, Elf-friend, Faithful (the West), Favour of Fortune 3, Incorruptible, Indomitable, Keen-eyed, Night-eyed 1, Stern, Strong-willed, Wakefulness, Wise
Flaws: Duty (aid the Free Peoples to resist the Shadow), Enemies (Sauron and his servants)
Health: 14
Courage: 6
Renown: 40
Gear: Sword, staff, robes
*: Favored Attribute or Reaction


Known to the elves and Dunedain as Mithrandir (Sindarin for ‘Grey Pilgrim’), Gandalf is one of a number of wizards who cropped up mysteriously around Middle-Earth nearly a millennium ago. While he rarely settles in any one place for more than a few months, he maintains communication with Elrond and Cirdan, and has assisted Arnor with his counsel and his curiousity about the movements of Angmar and Rhudaur more than once. Gandalf is often irritable, and does not suffer fools well, but he is loyal and trustworthy; a true friend. He specializes, as his amusement, in the crafting of fireworks. As of the game-date, pipeweed has not yet been cultivated by Tobold Hornblower (that won’t happen until TA 2670), so Gandalf does not have a pipe, and neither do you.

Gandalf the Grey

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