Daughter of the King of Gondor, ambassador to the Court of Arnor, and wife of Arvedui, Prince of Arnor


Firiel is the daughter of King Ondoher of Gondor. Youngest of his three children, she is strong-willed and steadfast in her devotion to her people. She has, however, a somewhat broader idea of ‘her people’ than her father or brothers, holding her obligations rather to be to all of the Exiles of Numenor, instead of simply to Gondor.

To that end, when emissaries from Arnor arrived, bearing word from King Araphant seeking the renewal of old alliances, she championed their cause in her father’s councils, and when her brother Faramir refused to serve as the King’s emissary, volunteered to go in his place. Though she has told no-one but her cousin and long-time friend, Adrahil of Dor-en-Ernil, she had long been having recurring dreams, leading her to believe that her destiny lay in the North.

What she found was very nearly her death, as soon after her arrival, she was poisoned in an apparent attempt on her life. Though Rusceryn was able to discover the poison and cure her, the mastermind of the plot was never firmly identified. It is suspected, though, that it was Henry Meade, an armsman of rough manner who rose to the rank of Captain of the Guard of Lord Saelon of Arnor. Meade proved treasonous in at least one instance, and was killed in battle with Turin Tâdmegil.

Late in the year, she wedded Arvedui of Fornost, and in July of 1941 T.A. gave birth to their first son, Aranarth.


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