Belegund Thindhend

Lord of Dolindir


Race: Man (Dúnadan)
Racial Abilities: Adaptable, Dominion of Man, Skilled
Attributes: Bearing 8 (1), Nimbleness 8 (1), Perception 8 (1), Strength 8 (1), Vitality 9 (1), Wits 12 (3)
Reactions: Stamina: +5, Swiftness: +6, Willpower: +6, Wisdom: +7
Orders: Noble, Rogue, Spy
Order Abilities: Domain (Dolindir), Friends in Low Places, Lurking in Shadows, Treacherous Blow
Advancements: 31
Skills: Armed Combat: Blades (Shortswords) +4, Conceal (Hide Weapon) +6, Debate (Negotiation) +2, Guise +8, Inquire (Interrogation) +4, Inspire +2, Intimidate (Power) +2, Language: Black Speech +3, Language: Sindarin +3, Language: Westron (Common) +5, Legerdemain (Pick Pockets) +6, Lore: Creatures of Angmar +6, Lore: Heraldry +5, Lore: Heroes +4, Lore: History (Arnor) +4, Lore: Race (Men) +5, Lore: Realm (Arnor) +4, Mimicry (Beasts) +6, Observe (Hearing) +8,
Persuade (Fast Talk) +8, Ride (Horse) +2, Search +3, Stealth (Surveill) +10, Survival (Forests) +8, Track (Orcs) +4
Edges: Charmed Life, Command 2, Keen-Eared, Keen-Eyed, Night-Eyed, Rank 2
Flaws: Fealty (King Araphant)
Health: 10
Courage: 6
Renown: 6
Gear: Shortsword, lightweight armor, just about anything he needs within his holdings.
*: Favored Attribute or Reaction


Something of an isolationist, Lord Belegund has often served as a voice of caution amongst the nobles of Araphant’s court. Rather than maintaining the hereditary claim to all of Arnor on behalf of the King, the Lord of Dolindir is an advocate of formally recognizing Rhudaur’s claim to the lands east of the Weather Hills, in order to try to turn Angmar’s allies against them. He is, however, a staunch foe of Angmar, and an advocate of keeping a close eye on Arnor’s ancient enemy. In his younger days, Lord Belegund served as one of King Araval’s chief scouts and spies in the north, and learned much about the forces of the Witch-King. Now, his holdings center on the fortified valley refuge of Dolindir, between the Kingsfell and Nan Amlug, near the passes into Angmar, where he maintains one of the first lines of defense.

Belegund Thindhend

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